Streetwear Jewellary

Nickel and Lead Free Streetwear Jewelry, from Recycled Sterling Silver and Clean Gems.

  • Aparna

    "Gifted myself a cute ear piece, was not sure before purchase, but team is prompt, I think they have there office is in Bangalore, also they use recycled silver and clean gems which was a cherry on top"

  • Niharika

    "These guys at gambog studio have an incredible way of blending modern aesthetics with Indian designs. Bought a piece for myself - the quality is great."

  • Swati

    "I Surprised my cute little sister with a earing piece. Is works in US and she loves tech and the mix of new-age designs, gambog design aesthetics are contemporary and fresh so went well with my sisters' taste. Sustainable and beautiful – a winning combo"

  • Aahana

    I am always specific on the designs that I like, some how I liked there aesthetics so have ordered two units, both came well packed, within the fortnight."

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Lead & Nickel Free

We care ! Sayin NO to Jewelary Rashes.
Our pieces are Nickel and Lead FREE as per US safety regulations. Comfortably ware your piece day long.

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Burning Questions Answered

Why the name Gambog?

Gambog is a name derived from Gamboge tree, found in South East Asia. In early days Monks used the sap from gamboge tree to color there robes in Gamboge color. The choice of the gamboge color for the dye wasn't arbitrary. Fun Fact, gamboge color was considered unattractive at the time, thus reinforcing the idea of detachment from materialistic or aesthetic concerns.

Use search to find.

Why buy Nickel and Lead free Jewelary?

One in five women are allergic to Nickel or Lead and both these elements are neurotoxic and traces of these, causes skin irritation, redness, and rashes, even those without a known allergy can experience skin reactions over time. Lead, a toxic heavy metal, poses severe health risks when absorbed by the body, including potential neurotoxicity.
We make our jewelary free of these metals to safeguard against potential adverse skin reactions and long-term health effects.

These are non sustainable metals leached into water sources, can harm aquatic life and contaminate drinking water. By opting for nickel and lead-free jewelry, you support eco-friendly practices, promoting cleaner manufacturing processes and reducing the demand for harmful metals.

How to place an order?

You can place an order by adding products to cart & make payment on your convenient mode on our website.

I can't wait! How long will it take to deliver an order?

We usually dispatch the products from our facility within 5 Business Days. Home delivery might take another 14 to 21 days from date of dispatch.

Why Gambog takes time to deliver ?

All good things take time :)
We take little longer as each piece is handcrafted to perfection, and craft takes time as do good art. We practice sustainability and keeping and making pieces in volume and stocking is not sustainable, as there is a high probability of wastage.

Do you ship pan India?

Yes, We serve to any Pin code pan India, Even if you are at a remote location!

How durable is the Gambog jewelary?

We strive to make each piece ultra durable using the best of materials, so that you can pass down the piece through generations' .

Is your jewellery made of pure silver?

Gambog silver jewelary is made of 925 silver which is the purest form of jewelary grade silver used to make jewelary worldwide.

Is there any warranty on plating fading or tarnishing?

Our jewellery comes with a limited 6-month warranty which covers any plating or manufacturing-related issues.

How do I take care of my silver jewellery?

Our silver jewellery is coated with rhodium which protects it from tarnishing or turning black and ensures long-lasting brilliance.
Given below are a few caring tips to ensure proper care of your jewellery:

- Store in the plastic zip-lock bag provided, if not in use for an extended amount of time

- Keep away from perfumes, soaps, extreme temperatures or anything acidic

- Keep safe from impact